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Tonkin, Bruce SRM:EX Bruce.Tonkin at GOV.BC.CA
Thu Aug 4 17:08:06 EDT 2005

I have a few hundred layers of data that I need to publish using MapServer.
The plan is not to publish all the data at once, but add layers to the WMS/s
as the need arises. MapServer has an initial limit or restriction of 50
layers, which can be changed at compile time. 
Now my question. Does it make sense to publish all the data using one big
Map file, or does it make sense to have a different Map file for each
business area i.e.. base, water, wildlife etc... We currently have in excess
of a million image requests a month, so I need to ensure that we are
scalable as time goes by. 
Your comments or suggestions would be appreciated. 
 Bruce Tonkin
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