gif highway shield transparency issues

Clever, Max Maxc at SPICERGROUP.COM
Tue Dec 20 18:45:14 EST 2005

Hi Steve,
it was transparent and did work when I set the imagetype to GIF in the mapfile.  This made the rest of my aerial photos lose a lot of visual quality but did make my GIF transparent.  I previously had the Imagetype set to png24 because it displays my aerials really well.  Unless I can get the GIF to be transparent in png24 I don't think I want to switch to the GIF setting just for one symbol.  I have attached my highway shield gif.  I hope you can still help.

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	Max: Is the image transparent? Please pass along so I can have a look.
	>>> "Clever, Max" <Maxc at SPICERGROUP.COM> 12/20/05 11:06 AM >>>
	I took out the TRANSPARENT line in the symbol file and the map still shows the shield with a white canvas behind it.  I checked my image in a separate HTML with a colored background just to make sure the image was transparent and it was.  Is there a certain type of transparency that is necessary for the image?  Is there some setting in the php or Map file that would not allow transparent images to work?  I'm at my wits end.  I am using Mapserver 4.2. I really hope I'm not wasting peoples time with this question.
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	I'm assuming you must be looking at old documentation. To make a pixmap symbol transparent you must create
	a transparent image. The transparent parameter in a symbol file is unused.
	>>> "Clever, Max" <Maxc at SPICERGROUP.COM> 12/16/05 11:17 AM >>>
	I've tried ffffff and #ffffff and fff and apparently the TRANSPARENT index cannot be letters because it won't let the mapfile process right when I try those.
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	Clever, Max wrote:
	> Hi All,
	> R:255 G:255 B:255 Hex:ffffff index:000 Websafe
	> Transparent
	> Am I not making the gif transparent properly in fireworks?  I've also tried "TRANSPARENT 000" b
	000 is black
	try fff
	Puneet Kishor

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