MrSID is not displaying

Yar Doroshenko numerous at GMAIL.COM
Tue Feb 22 16:46:48 EST 2005

Hi guys, I need some help,

I'm using Mapserver 4.2 and GDAL 1.2.5 (on Windows XP)
I have compiled GDAL with DSDK for MrSID support.

In my map file I defined a a layer

NAME "14_1_1.sid"
data "mrsid/14_1_1.sid"
status default
type raster
#processing "bands=1, 2, 3"

Is this a correct MrSID raster definition?

I'm not getting any errors, but my MrSID does not display. Now, I did
not configure mapserver for GDAL. I've heard that I need to either
recompile or reconfigure the Mapserver once I add MrSID support to
GDAL. How do I do that?

Please e-mail me to numerous at

Thank you!


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