volumetric data from a WCS

Norman Barker nbarker at RSINC.COM
Wed Jul 13 12:22:53 EDT 2005

I am really asking this question on behalf of Andrew Woolf, after he raised it in a meeting today.
In the WCS spec it should be possible to request BBOX as x,y,z (if the data format in the describe
coverage) supports it.  This is kind of important for weather data, currently we work around this using
the bands to be a z dimension.  This isn't really true though, and leads to problems with generalised
clients interpreting the data.
Is it possible to extend GDAL (and hence MapServer) to use 3D/4D+ data sets?
The bands and temporal subsetting are great, and are really fast, just a BBOX of x,y,z would be useful.
Am happy to take on work, if given a pointer :-)

Norman Barker

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