ogr2ogr problem!

Gabriel Cloutier gabriel.cloutier at RNCAN.GC.CA
Wed Jun 15 11:33:35 EDT 2005

 I have a problem with this tool under Unix.
When I execute:
ogr2ogr -f "ESRI Shapefile" -select
layer BARRAGE_1_012B08.shp -a_srs EPSG:42304 -skipfailures

I have this error:
ERROR 6: EPSG PCS/GCS code 42304 not found in EPSG support files.  Is this a
EPSG coordinate system?
Failed to process SRS definition: EPSG:42304

My GDAL_DATA is correctly set on my /data directory.
I took the data directory of a FWTools Windows installation do you think
that can be the problem ?

If I use EPSG:4326 my command work fine.

The problem seems to be when the tool try to access to the the file
This file contain the definition of my projection (EPSG:42304)

Thank you for your help!

Gabriel Cloutier
Natural Resources Canada
Centre for Topographic Information
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Sherbrooke, Quebec  J1J 2E8
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