incorporating Rosa into my mapscript app

Andy Canfield andy.canfield at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 15 17:16:49 EDT 2005

What specifically are you looking for? I can probably answer specific
questions as I use it pretty heavily and have extended it to meet my
needs here. Also DM solutions (had/has?) a GMap demo that uses Rosa
when in Java mode and all that code (was/is?) available for download.
I don't know the status of GMap but perhapse somebody else on the list
can put up a link to it if DM Solutions still runs it actively.

On 6/15/05, Jeff Portwine <jdport at> wrote:
> Hello, 
> Was just wondering if any of you ROSA users could point me in the direction
> of an example or a document that can get me started... I want to incorporate
> it into my php/mapscript application and I can't find any basic getting
> started information.   The web site has information on the Applet Parameters
> which is good but I'm not to that point yet :) 
> Thanks! 
> -Jeff 

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