Oracle and PHP/Mapscript support in Mapserver

Bart van den Eijnden bartvde at XS4ALL.NL
Fri May 6 16:50:27 EDT 2005

I forgot that for Mapserver OCI queries to work properly, binaries need to
be compiled against Visual Studio 7. I don't have access to that anymore.

The only binaries I still have are Mapserver 4.5 (CVS version Feb 2005).

It is compiled against Oracle client so you will need that.
Please note that the php_mapscript.dll depends on all the dll's in the
download, so also libmap.dll. PHP will need to be able to access all those
dll's, and additionally oci.dll, which I can't distribute.


Let me know how it goes.

Best regards,

On Fri, 06 May 2005 19:11:46 +0200, Bart van den Eijnden
<bartvde at> wrote:

> Hi Erik,
> I just re-installed my system so I am not able to help you short-term.
> Maybe I'll find some time this weekend to create 4.4.2 binaries of
> mapscript including Oracle support. I'll compile with the Oracle 10g
> client.
> Best regards,
> Bart
> On Fri, 06 May 2005 13:40:59 +0200, Fernando Simon <fsimon at>
> wrote:
>> Hi Erik,
>>     About the Win binaries with Oracle Spatial and PHP support I
>> believe that Bart can help you more than I, here I only use Linux.
>>     With 4.4.x version of Mapserver you can use the query functions
>> with native Oracle Spatial support without problems, Arnulf wrote in
>> the list that the native support is more fast than ogr connection. Some
>> improves for Oracle Spatial support is in the cvs version of
>> maporacletial.c, so you can try to use the 4.4 version or 4.6-beta.
>>     Thanks.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Fernando Simon
>> Mapserver and Oracle Spatial developer
>> G10 - Laboratorio de Computacao Aplicada - Brazil
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> erik wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>  Does anyone know where to find a Mapserver Windows binary with Oracle
>>> AND MapScript/PHP support?
>>> The ms4w package from DM Solutions does not come with Oracle support,
>>> except through OGR. There is a windows binary with Oracle support on
>>> the Mapserver download pages, but it doesn't have PHP/Mapscript
>>> support, aarrgh.. Also, the Hobu's kitchen sink MapServer 4.4.2 only
>>> contains Mapscript for Java or Python it seems.
>>>  Is it true that in order to use the Query functionality in Mapserver
>>> I must access Oracle via OGR? What is the performance when using OGR's
>>> compared to the "native" link?
>>>  regards,
>>>   erik

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