MapServer book on schedule for publication this June?

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at SHAW.CA
Fri May 27 19:30:46 EDT 2005

> I'm really looking forward to the book as well,  I
> believe there are actually two books due for
> release in the near future.    One was an
> O'Reilley release and I can't remember the other.
> Pretty sure i've seen reference to two books here
> on this list over the last couple of months.

Jeff and AZ, that's the spirit!
My book, to be published by O'Reilly, is due out in a few weeks and is on track.  We hope to have it available for the Open Source Geospatial conference.  It covers many topics, not just MapServer, see the sample chapter on the website:

The other MapServer-related book is by Bill Kropla, published by Apress.  I'm not familiar with the timing for this book.  I was pretty sure I'd read July or August but can't find the reference now.


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