Jack Ling fly2moon2 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Nov 7 03:53:25 EST 2005

Hi all,

Trying to load DGN drawing file as the map source. The map itself is ok. But
the problem is: I DON'T SEE the labels of ROAD, STREET, BUILDING NAMES on
the web page.

I'm sure the labels are there. Can see ENGLISH texts if open using OpenEV
(although it seems having problem showing CHINESE characters). On MapServer,
they are not there.

DGN file only has one layer: the 'elements' layer. So, I rule out the
possibility of a particular layer's problem.

Using ogrinfo to output the information. It appears to me that the Map (map
features) themselves are represented using PEN statement like the followings
and these are shown OK:

Type (Integer) = 4
Level (Integer) = 17
GraphicGroup (Integer) = 0
ColorIndex (Integer) = 0
Weight (Integer) = 3
Style (Integer) = 0
EntityNum (Integer) = 5
MSLink (Integer) = 112
Text (String) = (null)
Style = PEN(id:"ogr-pen-0",c:#ffffff,w:3px)
LINESTRING (835281.27600000007 815600.15000000002 0,835281.27600000007
815600.15000000002 0)

For the text labels, they are represented using the LABEL function like
below and these are the ones NOT SHOWN:

Type (Integer) = 17
Level (Integer) = 11
GraphicGroup (Integer) = 0
ColorIndex (Integer) = 0
Weight (Integer) = 0
Style (Integer) = 0
EntityNum (Integer) = (null)
MSLink (Integer) = (null)
Text (String) = Convention and Exhibition Centre
Style = LABEL(t:"Convention and Exhibition Centre",c:#ffffff,s:1.800g)
POINT (835848.10800000001 816023.95000000007 0)

It is a steep learning curve for me to understand MapServer and the elements
behind. Hope someone can point out what should I do to make the ROAD,
BUILDING NAME labels appear correctly.

Million thanks.
jack ling
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