Color Ramps and Legends

Liz Godwin godwin.liz at GMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 20 14:14:02 EDT 2005

Hey all,

First I'd like to thanks Bill Binko et al. for adding Gradient support into
Mapserver. I think it's really important. I am running 4.6, and it seems to
be working fine for me the way document in bug

Any word on when Legend support for this feature will follow?

For now I'm trying to come up with a clever workaround, however I fear I
will have to manually generate my color ramps as I have done in the past to
achieve matching legend support. I'm using Graphical legends, in a
PHPMapscript application.

If there is another way, or something I havn't figured out from reading
bugzilla and the source code, please let me know. I already know about using
my own keyimage, but the size is limited to the keysize.


Liz Godwin
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