Any papers, stats on MapServer performance against hardware / operating systems etc?

Mike Saunt mikesaunt at GMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 21 05:58:43 EDT 2005


I've tried having a quick look through the archive of the mailing lists,
MapServer website but can't seem to find any definitive sources for White
Papers / Statistics of MapServer with Hardware. Basically we are looking at
setting up a hosting infrastructure which will need to have high level of
redundancy and be able to server in excess of 2 million maps a month - very
broad but we are still evaluating peak loads etc

Our preferred environment will be Linux and using the CGI version of
MapServer as this is extremeley robust (well done to all involved), is
stateless and has a small memory footprint. Most map layers will be in
either Shape or TAB and we can configure the Tile Indexes etc.

Can anyone point me to any documents that may have been put together
previously? We will pull as much info together as possible with the view of
publishing a definitive list / set of documentation on the MapServer website
when done.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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