HiLiting / selecting multiple features

Xin crazygecko at GMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 13 05:51:47 EDT 2006

We are user MapServer cgi to hilite features the user select on.  This is
done by using mode=featurequery and slayer.  We need to selectemultiple
features, and have them hilighted.  Having looked at the docs, there doesn't
seem to be any obvious ways of doing this.

One possible solution is to use IMGSHAPE and nquery.  This is documented as:

Shape given in image coordinates.

An arbitrary polygon shape to be used for query purposes. Multiple instances
simply add parts to the shape so it is possible to construct a shape with
holes. Used with modes NQUERY and NQUERYMAP.
But using imgshape would require one than one polygon being passed through.
Rick asked this in March without getting a response.  Is it possible to pass
multiple polygons using imgshape?

Any other suggestions are more than welcome.

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