drawQuery for a single layer

Aaron Koning aaronkoning at GMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 1 20:57:19 EST 2006

If you only want features from one layer highlighted, then only query that
layer. Drawquery only highlights features that are 'selected'. What does
your query look like?


On 2/1/06, Stefan Schwarzer <Stefan.Schwarzer at grid.unep.ch> wrote:
> Hi there,
> as far as I understand the php-mapscript manual, it should be
> possible to highlight only a single layer upon a query. In my case it
> highlights at least two. That is, if the user draws a rectangle, then
> in the next map the country boundaries touched and included by the
> rectangle will be highlighted as well as the points (for cities for
> example). How can I avoid this and limit the highlighting to only one
> single layer?
> In the moment I have this:
>                                 $image_map = $map -> drawQuery();
>                                 $url_map = $image_map -> saveWebImage();
> I would have thought it should be more something like this:
>                                 $mapLayer = ...specific layer...;
>                                 $image_map = $map -> $mapLayer ->
> drawQuery();
>                                 $url_map = $image_map -> saveWebImage();
> But that does not work.
> Thanks for any help!
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