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If you are already using mapscript in some form (perl, PHP etc), I think it
is *possible* to perform editing with MapServer.  WFS wouldn't need to be
employed if you're doing this with your own data, and within a Mapserver
only environment.

Something you'd have to decide is...  on the client end, would you be
drawing the shape with the client side?  Or do you expect to have server
calls and map refreshes between every mouse click?  Do you need to see a
node move?

Either way, the MapServer side of things is the same.  You can create a
feature in a new layer as points, lines etc... and then when you are done,
you can save as a shapefile on the server.  What you do with it after that
is again up to you.  For editing points - you have to get a shape, get it's
line, and then get the point object for that node.  I havn't tried this -
it's just from looking at the mapscript class guide.

For modifying features, I suspect that using SVG/Canvas (newest Firefoxes)
or VML (IE) would greatly enhance the tool and make it user-friendly on the
client end.  To me, this side of things is more difficult.


On 2/6/06, Davelaar, Hilbert <Hilbert.Davelaar at> wrote:
> Hi Carlo,
> As far as I know WFS in MapServer is restricted to non-transactional WFS
> (client/server), so it's not possible to add editing capabilities I think.
> Cheers,
> Hilbert
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>         Hello everybody,
>         I make use of mapserver 4.6 and pmapper (a graphic tool written in
>         mapscript/javascript) as a web client. It works very well. Now I
> would
>         like to add editing capabilites, but I have no idea how to achieve
> this
>         goal. Could anyone help me?
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