Projection issues on WFS-Server

Stephan Holl holl at GDF-HANNOVER.DE
Thu Mar 9 06:26:49 EST 2006

Hello Frank,

sorry for the late reply.

On Wed, 08 Mar 2006 09:09:15 -0500 Frank Warmerdam
<warmerdam at> wrote:

> Stephan Holl wrote:
> > Hello Frank,
> > 
> > On Tue, 7 Mar 2006 15:12:20 -0500 Frank Warmerdam
> > <warmerdam at POBOX.COM> wrote:
> > 
> >> Stephan Holl wrote:
> >>> GetCapabilities
> >>> ...
> >>> <SRS>EPSG:4326</SRS>
> >>> <LatLongBoundingBox minx="-2.5e+07" miny="-2.5e+07" maxx="2.5e+07"
> >>> maxy="2.5e+07"/>
> >>> ...
> >>>
> >>> This should be from my understanding
> >>> <LatLongBoundingBox minx="-180" miny="-90" maxx="180" maxy="90"/>
> Stephan,
> Looking more closely at your bounding box, it doesn't really look
> like it hasn't been reprojected.  It looks more like it was
> unitialized or defaulted somehow since all the values are the same.
> I am also starting to wonder if this is an issue specific to PostGIS.
> I'm no WFS nor PostGIS-in-MapServer guru.  My suggestion is you try
> and reproduce the problem from shapefiles.  If you can reproduce it
> from shapefiles, then you should submit a bug report with a dataset,
> map and the exact WFS query to reproduce the problem.  You should
> test the WFS query against mapserv at the commandline to maximally
> ensure it will be easy for the bug fixer to reproduce.

> If you can't reproduce the problem with a shapefile, then I suspect
> the issue is somehow related to WFS interacting with the PostGIS
> driver. You likely still ought to file a bug, but it will likely be
> hard to bundle things up to make it easy for a bug fixer to reproduce.

I cannot reproducing from shapefile. I exported into shape using
ogr2ogr and added this layer into the mapfile.
The Bounding-box is shown correct now for the shapefile and still wrong
for the layer in postGIS.

Postgis is version 1.1.0 on postgres 7.4.7 with geos 2.1.1

<LatLongBoundingBox minx="-2.5e+07" miny="-2.5e+07" maxx="2.5e+07"
maxy="2.5e+07"/> </FeatureType>
<LatLongBoundingBox minx="-155.605" miny="-77.28" maxx="128.64"
maxy="75.84"/> </FeatureType>

Well, as noone had this problem before, it seems that I am the only

Thanks for looking into this.


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