Problem with reprojected images

Dirk Jesko ml.dje at GEOCONTENT.DE
Wed Mar 15 02:59:42 EST 2006


thanks for the help. I will prepare a test case later and submit it. 
Until a solution is found for this, we will switch back to version 4.6.1.


> Folks,
> I have to confess I haven't been following this discussion closely.  
> There
> were fixes for 4.8.x intended to address cracking problems reported by a
> user.  I can't recall the details but we can, if needed, dig back into 
> the
> history logs.
> I would appreciate a submitted bug report with a *minimal* demonstration
> of the problem.   My minimal, I mean a map file with two images in a tile
> index and that I can just run "shp2img -m -o abc.png" to test.
> Please ensure the bug report is assigned directly to me.
> Once I reproduce the problem, I can try and analyse what is going wrong.
> Best regards,

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