problem with GEOS contains query

Mark Adams markadams at CUESTASYS.COM
Tue Mar 21 19:42:24 EST 2006

Hi all,

We're working with the new GEOS "contains" operator support in the 4.9 CVS.

When trying to execute this function we're getting an error “Object has an
invalid _handle_ property in 
“.  I’ve attached a snippet of code below.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

$oRes = $bufferLayer->getResult($bfres);
$shp = $bufferLayer->getShape($oRes->tileindex, $oRes->shapeindex);
printf($oShape1->contains($shp) ."\n");
if($oShape1->contains($shp) == 1)


Mark Adams
DPRA Canada
mark.adams at

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