Color coding from two data sources

Mark Leslie mark.leslie at LISASOFT.COM
Tue Oct 16 19:44:30 EDT 2007

Don Drake wrote:
> Here's my scenario, I have shapefiles containing polygons of zipcodes.  I
> have a table in Postgres that has a zip code with data that I would like to
> thematically map.  I am not interested in loading the zipcodes into PostGIS
> if I don't have to.  I am using PHP/Mapscript, and I was wondering if there
> is a way to merge the Postgres data with the shapefile layer on a map?
> Thanks.
> -Don

That depends what you mean by 'merge'.  If you want to display both in
the same layer, you can come close by defining two layers in the same
group (see the GROUP item at  If you want
to join the two sources together, Jeff has a nice example in the
reference docs
If I've missed the point entirely, then I'll need some more details
about what you're trying to end up with.

Mark Leslie

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