[mapserver-users] GetCapabilities for a specific layer, not the entire mapfile?

John Maurer maurerj at nsidc.org
Wed Apr 16 18:10:48 EDT 2008

Hi mapserver-users,
What is the best way to provide a generic/flexible WMS-related URL for a 
specific layer within my MapServer mapfile? I want to include this kind 
of thing in our DIF & FGDC metadata so that users know about a WMS for a 
given data set. If I provide a GetCapabilities request, this advertises 
*all* of the layers in my mapfile, which represent a collection of 
multiple data sets, most of which will be unrelated to the data set in 
the metadata. On the other hand, if I provide a GetMap request this 
allows me to specify the layer intended for a particular data set, but 
it limits the output possibilities to a specific srs, format, width, 
height, and bbox. A GetCapabilities for a specific layer would be akin 
to what I need, but I don't think that's how it works. This is my 
quandary and I'm hoping somebody has a solution to this kind of thing??
John Maurer

John Maurer
Web/Database Applications Engineer
National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
University of Colorado at Boulder
"Without geography, you're nowhere!"

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