[mapserver-users] FastCGI on IIS6 - how to test ?

James Mapserver james.mapserver at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 04:21:04 EDT 2008


I have been playing with installing this using Microsofts FastCGI addin.
I am using the latest mapserv build from MS4W - which has fastcgi enabled

I seem to have it all up and running (in that if a alter Microsoft
configuration it stops working!)

But how do I test if its really working as it should - and giving me the
supposed benefits.

In task manager - I still see lots of mapserv processes appearing and
disappearing - belonging to IIS_USR - but there is a mapserv process that
hangs around for quite a while belonging to NETWORK_SERVICES - which I
didn't used to have.

Is there any easy way to test this - other than just under heavy loading
conditions ??

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