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Fri Feb 8 15:06:04 EST 2008

military project?  The Army standard is WGS84 UTM for all land
mapping.  Most municipal and civillian mapping at the local level
(statewide or smaller) uses "State Plane" which can be any number of
projections depending on where your project is.  Try googling the
state plane for your target area to find information on things like
projection, datum, ellipsoid, units, central meridian etc..  You can
plug these values into the projection object in a .map file.

On 5/24/05, Owens, Ryan J NWD02 CONTRACTOR
<Ryan.J.Owens at> wrote:
> Hello Map Server Listserv,
> I have a question on projection.  I understand the definition and =
> projections.  But, how do you know what to use?  I don't quite grasp =
> idea of how to choose the variables to put into the projection object.
> Ryan Owens

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