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Hunter, David - St. Louis Park, MN David.Hunter at FNIS.COM
Wed Feb 6 18:35:11 EST 2008

Since moving to mapserver 5.0 (mostly to test AGG), a layer in my map
file that has this class definition:



            EXPRESSION (%qstring%)

            COLOR 230 230 179



The query no longer works.  If I change it to an explicit query string,




The polygon is filled as expected.  In the "MapServer 4.10 to 5.0
Migration Guide", there is mention that in the case of qstring queries,
the qstring_validation_pattern layer-level metadata is required.  It
also says the absence of this setting produces a fatal error.  My maps
still work, they just do not fill in the polygon that matches the


I cannot find any examples or documentation for the
qstring_validation_pattern setting.  Can anybody give me a pointer in
the right direction?



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