[mapserver-users] Rotating map makes layer disappear

Matthias Buchs matthias.buchs at ruch.ch
Thu Jul 10 14:27:44 EDT 2008

Hi David,

Thanks for answering! I tried both of your suggestions, but 
unfortunately neither works :(. Zooming-in the generated map (a pdf file 
actually) revealed that MapServer paints some pixels at the right 
places. They are nearly invisible in the chosen scale (60) though.
So the situation is that as long as no rotation is set, everything works 
fine. As soon as any rotation is set (even 0.01°!) all layers are drawn 
correctly, except the one I mentioned. The only difference that I can 
see between the layers is that this one contains the style information 
in the data source. A very strange behavior...

Regards Matthias

Fawcett, David wrote:
> Mathias, 
> I see that you set a MAXSCALE of 2000.  If you are zoomed out beyond
> 2000, the layer will not draw.  Try commenting it out to see if this is
> the issue.  If so, then set a scale value that works for your purposes.
> Also, if you are not explicitly calling the layer by name when MapServer
> is called, you will need to set the LAYER STATUS to DEFAULT for it to
> draw.
> David.

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