[mapserver-users] finding php_mapserver.so

Kyle Wilcox Kyle.Wilcox at noaa.gov
Thu May 1 10:40:23 EDT 2008

If you installed Mapserver from source with the  ---with-php=DIR option 
and everything went ok, the php_mapscript.so file will be located in the 
mapscript/php3/ directory.  Copy this file to your PHP extensions 
directory.   You can find the extensions directory by doing a ]$ php -i 
| grep extension_dir.

You may want to rename php_mapscript.so to something like 

There a setting in the pmapper config files called msVersion.  You must 
set this to MAPSERVERSION if you change the name of the file.

Tim McGeary wrote:
> So our installation of Mapserver, in combination, with PMapper, we are 
> getting an error that it cannot find php_mapserver.so.  While I 
> configured Mapserver to work with PHP, and it went through fine, I 
> cannot find the php_mapserver.so file anywhere on my server.
> Was it supposed to be delivered in the mapserver package?  If so, where 
> would it have gone?  If not, where can I find it?
> Thanks,
> Tim


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