[MAPSERVER-USERS] msencrypt ogr shows password on error

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Mon May 26 08:57:39 EDT 2008

That's a bug of course! I have filed a ticket and will fix this now:


David Martin wrote:
> I have been doing some work on installing an OGR connection to one of my
> databases. So decided to use msencrypt to hide the userid and password
> strings. This works OK however when the OGR breaks for what every reason the
> system returns a message similar to this:
> msDrawMap(): Image handling error. Failed to draw layer named 'Places'.
> msOGRFileOpen(): OGR error. Open failed for OGR connection
> `<OGRVRTDataSource>  <OGRVRTLayer name='Places'> 
> <SrcDataSource>ODBC:vsXXXXXXXX_odbc/XXXXXXXXXX at vs285832_1</SrcDataSource> 
> <SrcSQL>SELECT WaypointID, Description, Latitude, Longitude FROM
> PointPlace_Waypoints WHERE poi='%poi%'</SrcSQL>
> Where the XXX's shown are actually the real user information and passwords
> for the connection. How can I suppress this error from appearing at all. It
> seems a little strange to provide an encrypted password and then have the
> system render the password when the OGR layer fails.
> Any help would be great.
> David Martin

Daniel Morissette

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