[mapserver-users] Mapserver segfaulting

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Nov 18 20:17:53 EST 2008

Sam Ingarfield wrote:
> G'day;
> I am having a few problems with mapserver segfaulting when it tries to 
> draw a map. Am a little stumped as to why...
> Am on Ubuntu 8.10, x64. Started with the packaged mapserver that came 
> with it (5.0.x) but have moved up in the world firstly to 5.2.0 and am 
> now using 5.3-dev from the nightly builds (this one was the 17th I 
> think). All versions have produced the same segfault.
> The call the browser makes is as follows:
> <,-32.1875,117.25,-30.875&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256>
> Which returns a 500 error.
> Examination of the syslog produces:
> Nov 19 10:13:06 spoor kernel: [130315.478944] mapserv[4986]: segfault at 
> 7fff04e39ff8 ip 00007f0efbb2ae6e sp 00007fff04e3a000 error 6 in 
> libgdal1.5.0.so.1.12.2[7f0efb9f2000+4f4000]


Is the crash consistent with this request?  Do other requests succeed?

It looks like it is crashing in GDAL.

I would suggest that you run and run mapserv at the commandline with the
same request.  If you can reproduce the crash that way, then try running
it in gdb and getting a traceback.  You may want to rebuild GDAL with
debug info though that may be a hassle if you are using a pre-packaged GDAL.

What input raster formats are you using?

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