[mapserver-users] Transparent WMS layers googl 3d - sometimes ...

James Perrins james.perrins at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 04:00:57 EDT 2008


I have been overlaying WMS layers on 2d google maps - all fine -
transparent backgrounds on multiple layers showing the aerials
underneath etc

I have just started playing with the 3d plugin google have - using the
same WMS layers that work fine on 2D google maps.  I have 2 layers -
one a vector line layer - and teh other a point layer using a BMP
symbol.  Layers being returned as PNG

If I look at just the points or the points and lines - all is fine - I
get a transparent WMS layer coming back fine
If I just display the vector lines (or select an area of map where
there are no points to display) - I get the vector lines displayed ona
 a solid white background

Obviously this must be something to do with the colour palette being
changed by mapserver to take account of the bitmap symbol making it
all work - but how can I prevent the solid white background (and also
why does the same WMS service work OK in 2D - so there must be some
google factor at play here as well ??)

Any suggestions gratefully received

Many Thanks

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