[mapserver-users] MapInfo Auto Labeling and MapServer

Matej matej at matnet.net
Tue Sep 16 18:44:45 EDT 2008


after deploying MapServer on one of our servers I thinks that MapServer is a 
great tool but I am having some problems with TABs, imported from MapInfo. I 
am able to load all the layers from the test workspace except one, which 
consists of a houses (circle symbol) and house addresses (auto-labeling from 
the data field "Address").

I have therefore some questions and will be very glad if there are some 
answers available :)

- In MI for that layer I have auto labeling set which works OK. When I look 
at the map on different zooms, the text is larger or smaller, but every 
label exists and if I zoom in enough, every house has it's number visible. 
Is there a chance to somehow "directly" load this auto labeling into 
MapServer? If it is, how can I do this?

I haven't found a good answer to the first question, so the next one is:
- I have problems getting all the house addresses from MI since it creates 
the labels only with the sizes according to current zoom level AND only the 
part of the map visible at that moment. So when I want to have all the 
houses numbered with readable addresses (not covering each other), I have to 
zoom in enough and then move with cursor along the entire map for MI to 
"create" satisfactory labels. Using this method (well, it's a very very 
stupid one!) it works for smaller maps, but for larger it's a no-no. Also 
the labeling tools that are in MI affect current view only. Is there a tool 
which would do it more user-friendly?

Since this is a pretty common problem as I see it, I am sure that some of 
you already had this problem and (hopefully!) found a solution.

Thanks everyone for help and ideas in advance,
Matej Serc 

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