[mapserver-users] Fatal error: Call to undefined function dl() in C:\ms4w\Apache\htdocs\phpmapscript.php on line 5

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Tue Dec 1 08:20:36 EST 2009

geetha at ttkmaps.com wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I tried to install php/mapscript in windows,I get the above error.I 
> use mapserver version 5.4.2,Apache 2.2.11,PHP 5.3.Php works fine.Im able 
> to run files with .php extension,but the below coding produces error:
> <HTML>
> <BODY>
> <?php
> dl("php_mapscript.dll");
> phpinfo();
> ?>
> </BODY>
> </HTML>
> My php_mapscript.dll is in ..php/ext folder by default.My php.ini & 
> php.exe is in /ms4w/Apache/cgi-bin.Is there any other dll i should 
> add?It is said php/mapscript is preconfigured right...then what might be 
> wrong?Thanks in advance.
> NewUser.

Hello NewUser,

Since PHP version 5.3.0 you can no longer use PHP's dl() function (it 
has been deprecated and removed as noted in 

In MS4W version 3.0 the mapscript dll is already enabled, through the 

If you have any questions regarding MS4W, please use the MS4W email list 
(subscribe at http://lists.maptools.org/mailman/listinfo/ms4w-users).


Jeff McKenna
FOSS4G Consulting and Training Services

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