[mapserver-users] Mapserver WMS under IIS 7 x64 serving up blank images

Daniel Walton dgwalton at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 15:22:48 EST 2009


Yes, the same mapfile worked under MS4W on a 32-bit machine. I have verified
that this same problem occurs using the x86 binaries from Tamas' site run in
the current x64 environment. The source image is in PNG format in order to
make transparency work well on the client. (My client is Silverlight-based,
and PNG is the only supported format that supports transparency). The source
image does have a world (*.WLD) file which contains these values (file is
generated by running gdal_translate on a geotiff image):



On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 2:09 PM, Daniel Morissette
<dmorissette at mapgears.com>wrote:

> Daniel Walton wrote:
>> Thanks to all who've been helping me along. I'm getting close to having
>> x64 working now. I've worked through a slew of issues over the weekend, most
>> related to permissions. My latest issue is that mapserv.exe, when invoked
>> via IIS 7's FastCGI (classic mode) module, is returning blank images.
>>  GetCapabilities is working fine, and the GetMap images are the
>> right size and format, but they're blank. Here's my setup: I downloaded
>> and installed the x64 binaries (from Tamas, thanks!) into a single directory
>> (C :\mapserver\).
> Why do you think the problems are related to IIS7/x64? Have you verified
> that the same mapfile produces valid maps under MS4W or another server
> environment?
>>    DATA
>> "C:\rawimages\A091207074551_output\A091207074551_0_config_PROCESS_RESULTS\BASINCOMPLEX_ftp.coloradoskye.com_2008_CA_Siege_080627_1200Local_SPOT_NIR_OUT.PNG"
>>    EXTENT 36.0992948502284 -121.822480778145 36.3421121497716
>> -121.520865221855
> Your DATA statement points to a PNG file. PNGs do not carry any
> georeferencing information by default, and the EXTENT line is not a
> replacement for missing image referencing info. Did you create a world file
> (.wld) for your PNG to specify the geographical extents of the image? That
> could very well explain the blank map.
> See: http://mapserver.org/input/raster.html#georeference-with-world-files
> Daniel
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