AW: [mapserver-users] How do I Control QUERY Output?

Bill Thoen bthoen at
Wed Dec 9 16:59:22 EST 2009

Thanks again, Arnd.
That solution occurred to me this morning, so I'm going to try that out 
next. The other acceptable solution would be to open a new pop-up window 
and send the output there, but I think the AJAX method will be the 
better one for what I want it to do.

Arnd Wippermann wrote:
> Hi,
> You cann't insert html to a html document by using a url. There is nothing
> like the img tag for pictures.
> You have to use ajax to request your query. Then you can put the result with
> innerHTML to your element. 
> Arnd 
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>  From a simple MapServer HTML interface I switch to Query mode and click on
> a map feature, and templates I've assigned to the layer fill with data ...
> and display in a new page. What I'd like is for the info to display in a
> floating div and not disrupt the view by clearing the map just to display a
> small window of data. I'd also prefer to not use frames as well.
> With JavaScript I can make a floating drag-able div box, but I can't figure
> out how to get the template to send its table of data to the div. 
> I've tried removing the HTML header and just appending the table to the div
> using innerHTML, but I keep getting null elements or other errors. 
> Is this approach right and I'm just missing something, or is this done
> another way? I spent the better part of an hour today searching for docs
> and/or examples, but either it wasn't to be found or my google-fu was
> inferior today. Can someone point me to an example or explain how you can
> put query output anywhere on the map page?
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