[mapserver-users] RE: Rendering overlapping data

Ludwig Kniprath ludwig at kni-online.de
Tue Dec 22 02:42:51 EST 2009

I dont't think, Mapserver has the out-of-the-box possibility to render the overlapping parts of polygons in a special way. Perhaps you could try to create a separate layer (f. e. in Postgis with a special geo-query), that just shows these overlapping parts. But also then I think its difficult to query and to render the case, that three or more polygons do overlap.


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>Dear list members
>We would like to visualize a layer with data, where polygons with 
>different classes may overlap. Using transparency, "new" colors are 
>introduced, e.g. if I overlap a blue and a red polygon I get an violet one.
>Is there a way to show overlapping polygons in stripes with cycling 
>colors, or as a checker board? How do people handle this?
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