[mapserver-users] hide .map contents

Greg Luker gluker at scu.edu.au
Wed Feb 11 19:15:14 EST 2009

Hi mapservers-users,

Thanks Steve W, Pietro, and Andreas for your help!

I have got around some of the problem (MapServer error messages and 
MySQL passwords visible in browser View/Source) by moving the OGRVRT 
MySQL info from inline in the .map file into an external .ovf file 
(Pietro's >1024 characters problem seems right), but two problems remain.

1) I originally abandoned external .ovf file because I can't pass 
variables into it like I can when inline (eg can't do 
(s.site_num_previous_surveys >= %myvarn%) in external .ovf). Is there 
a way to use variables in .ovf file?

2) I am still getting an error in View/Source:
<br><!--getString(): Symbol definition error. Parsing error near 
(DD):(line 677)-->
I've tried finding this problem in SYMBOL-related commands in the 
.map file, but no luck. Any ideas?

(I can send .map file if that helps)

Greg Luker.

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