[mapserver-users] loadWeb(): Unknown identifier. Parsing error near (:):(line 1) on fedora9

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Feb 13 07:24:34 EST 2009

kmanoj-pg7 kmanoj-pg7 wrote:
>   hello users,
> i am newbie to mapserver....  i am trying to get the itasca demo map by 
> running in my fedora 9.......   i have installed mapserver 5.0.3-3 
> version........  i am really couldn't understand by looking at the 
> documentation file given for the installation of itasca demo.....  
> especially instructions given to edit the index.html.....   but i have 
> made the following edits in the index.html....
>     <!-- EDIT THE FORM ACTION -->
>     <form name="demo" method="GET" action="/cgi-bin/mapserv" 
> onSubmit="submit_form()">
> //change configure()  as submit_form() - kapil
>       <input type="hidden" name="layer" value="lakespy2">
>       <input type="hidden" name="layer" value="dlgstln2">
>       <input type="hidden" name="zoomsize" value=2>
>       <input type="hidden" name="map" 
> value="/var/www/html/Mapserver_Demo/itasca.map">
>       <input type="hidden" name="program" value="/cgi-bin/mapserv">
>       <input type="hidden" name="root" value="/Mapserver_Demo">
>       <input type="hidden" name="map_web_imagepath" 
> value="/var/www/html/Mapserver_Demo/tmp/">
>       <input type="hidden" name="map_web_imageurl" value="/tmp/">
> after editing completed i call the link
> http://localhost/Mapserver_Demo/
> then i initialized the basic application its thrown the following error
> loadWeb(): Unknown identifier. Parsing error near 
> (/var/www/html/Mapserver_Demo/tmp/):(line 1)
> i searched the mapserver forum by somehow to figure out this 
> problem.....  i saw similar postings with the same error.....   but 
> unfortunately i haven't found any answer for the question.....
> someone please help me out from this error........
> help/tips will be appreciated..

There were changes in MapServer 5.0 affecting the way to pass CGI 
variables.  If you do a search of this list's archives you will see that 
this question has been answered before, here is a response: 


Jeff McKenna
FOSS4G Consulting and Training Services

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