[mapserver-users] Projection or Data Problem?

Moen, Paul T. pmoen at nd.gov
Thu Mar 5 14:24:57 EST 2009

If I get what you are saying, I should set up another Mapserver as a WMS
server that accesses the WMS from BLM, then, connect to my WMS server with
the original mapfile?

Doesn¹t Mapserver already take the temporary image from the WMS that was
delivered in epsg:4326 and reproject it to my mapfiles projection,
epsg:2266, then add the other layers of my mapfile before delivering the
final image?

This certainly works for the other WMS layer, OFlood Data Availability¹ that
is in my mapfile.  That layer is delivered by the WMS in epsg:4269 and lines
up perfect when the mapfile¹s main projection is set to ³init=epsg:2266².

Thanks for helping,


On 3/5/09 1:06 PM, "Gregor at HostGIS" <gregor at hostgis.com> wrote:

> Moen, Paul T. wrote:
>> Can anyone get this WMS layer to reproject to a projected coordinate
>> system like epsg:2266?
> Add to your WEB block, this. You can then make requests to your
> mapfile-as-WMS in the given SRS.
>    "wms_srs"  "EPSG:2266"
> This does mean fetching the raster from them as 4326, then reprojecting
> it to 2266, so it may not look so great. But if they're not offering it
> in 2266, that's what you hafta do.
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