[mapserver-users] MapServer 5.4 Beta 3 is now available...

Tony Frame jaframe at net-yan.com
Sat Mar 7 07:59:25 EST 2009


5.4 Beta 3 works fine for me in cgi mode on Fedora 7 & 10 but the latest svn 
version (IDs itself as 5.5.0) generates the legend differently. In 
particular the key image sizes have changed and the vertical spacing between 
images is very small / zero - I'm pretty sure it worked ok yesterday with 
5.4 Beta 3.

My compile options 
: --with-agg --with-freetype --with-gdal --with-ogr --with-proj --with-wfs

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Subject: [mapserver-users] MapServer 5.4 Beta 3 is now available...

Greetings all: MapServer 5.4 Beta 3 is now available for download at 
http://mapserver.org/download. A small number of bugs uncovered during 
testing of the second beta have been fixed. The next release should be a 
release candidate and will be available mid-next week.  As always any help 
in testing the software is greatly appreciated. Findings should be sent to 
the mapserver-dev (or even just mapserver-users) mailing list.

The updated 5.4 release plan can be found at:


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