[mapserver-users] SUA convert

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Mon Nov 9 07:06:09 EST 2009

Hey team

I am using Mapserver to show some airspace, and the data comes in a  
standard format called SUA or OpenAir. Both a basic text files using  
LatLong and descriptives shapes, such as:

POINT=S353001 E1364920
POINT=S351526 E1373454
POINT=S351526 E1373454
ANTI-CLOCKWISE RADIUS=49.97 CENTRE=S345649 E1383128 TO=S354540 E1381803
POINT=S354540 E1381803
POINT=S362422 E1380512
POINT=S362422 E1380512
ANTI-CLOCKWISE RADIUS=89.95 CENTRE=S345649 E1383128 TO=S353001 E1364920

What would be the best (probably read here - easiest) way to display  
the data on mapserver?
Which probably translates to - what is the easiest file format or  
tools to use to convert and display the data above?

E.g. I could write some Perl/XSL to convert the files into KML - but  
is that the right format? Perhaps shape files?

Or... hope above hope... maybe someone has done this already? or knows  
another way to show Airspace files?



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