[mapserver-users] WMS GetFeatureInfo beyond scale

Fawcett, David David.Fawcett at state.mn.us
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Is there a reason why you can't organize your data as scale-dependent classes within one layer instead of as three separate layers in a group?  


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Hi list,

I upgraded my UMN MapServer from version 5.0.2 to 5.4.0. Now I've got the following problem:

For instance I am using a group of layers:

	NAME "A_a"	
	NAME "A_b"	
	NAME "A_c"	
A_a, A_b and A_c are all the same data but represented at different scales. So e.g. at 1:100000 A_a becomes invisible and A_b becomes visible. 

But when I do a GetFeatureInfo request on UMN Mapserver in this case for query_layers=A
I get back 3 responses (for A_a, A_b and A_c), but I would hope for only 1 response. 

It seem as if this is a well known problem (http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/ticket/842) 

What can I do beside upgrading on version 6.0 as soon as it's available?

Any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance,

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