[mapserver-users] Re: Fail on generate extension of mapscript for Tcl 8.5

Lime, Steve D (DNR) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Thu Apr 29 17:13:37 EDT 2010

Hi Tiedtke: There just aren't that many Tk/Tcl users for MapScript. There's one big user that apparently has a set of patches to bring Tk/Tcl support
for MapScript inline with the others. I don't know how much they pay attention to MapServer-Users though. I'll contact them off list and see if I can
get some love for you question...

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Anybody can help? suggest ?



2010/4/26 Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis <tiedtke at gmail.com<mailto:tiedtke at gmail.com>>
Hi folks,

Based in old version of tcl mapscrip for windows in this site:


I'm trying to recompile a version of mapscript (5.6.2) tcl extension (based on sdk pack of Tamas site, version 1500, windows 32bit).

Some modifications in path of files nmake.opt (root of mapserver src) and Makefile.vc in tcl mapscript dir, the files were generated:

mapscript_wrap.c (using swig 1.3.39 and Tcl/Tk 8.5.8, from ActiveState)

But, when i try to load this dll in a Tclsh terminal (load mapscript.dll), a strange error is shown, saying this:

couldn't load library "mapscript.dll": A function specified in the import table could not be resolved by the system.  Windows is not telling which one, I'm sorry.

I put this dll in same places of others dll from Tamas Package ( release-1500-dev\release-1500\bin ), and verified the dependencies with depends.exe and nothing were pointed.

The two functions were exported (Mapscript_Init and Mapscript_SafeInit) in dll, but it don't work ....

The files generated are here (rar file): http://engemap-ped.dnsalias.org/conv/mapserver-5-6.rar or individual files: http://engemap-ped.dnsalias.org/conv/mapserver-5-6

Thanks on advance, for any tips about this...

Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis

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