[mapserver-users] Changing map file parameters via a URL - special characters

Scott Pezanowski scottpez at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 10:35:23 EDT 2010


I am trying to use mapserver to generate image maps from a PostGIS connection based upon a user entered FILTER. The data column I am trying to filter by is a tsvector column type. So the FILTER for my LAYER looks something like this:

FILTER "textsearchable_index_col @@ to_tsquery('search terms')"

I do have things working where I can hard code the FILTER for the LAYER in the MAP file. Things work great and I am very happy about this. The problem lies that I would now like to allow my client application to change this FILTER dynamically through a URL request based upon what search terms the user enters. So the URL would look something like this:


I am getting the following error:

loadLayer(): Unknown identifier. Parsing error near (textsearchable_index_col @@ to_tsquery('newsearchterms')):(line 1)

Through looking around a little, I believe the "@@" special characters in the filter parameter are causing the issue. Can anyone confirm that this is may be the case (or think of what else may be the issue) and suggest a workaround (escaping these characters in some way, etc.)?


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