[mapserver-users] Tile mode & multiple layers

Clément MONIER Clement.MONIER at v-trafic.com
Wed Aug 25 08:37:39 EDT 2010

Thanks a lot !

I have another bothering issue :

PNG outputs of my MS CGI requests now don’t look nicely rendered any more (i.e no smoothly antialiased AGG display)
http://localhost/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?mode=tile&tilemode=gmap&tile=X+Y+S&map=mymapfile.map&LAYERS=layer1 layer2<http://localhost/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?mode=tile&tilemode=gmap&tile=X+Y+S&map=mymapfile.map&LAYERS=layer1%20layer2>
as it was with similar WMS requests targeting the same mapfile though

Where should I specify the desired output format ?

Thank you for your help

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Hi Clément,

Your request is wrong ;).

Try using a space instead. Take a look here :


Good luck.
On 25 August 2010 13:47, Clément MONIER <Clement.MONIER at v-trafic.com<mailto:Clement.MONIER at v-trafic.com>> wrote:


I’m facing a (probable widely encountered) problem using MapServer with tile-mode option.
It seems like multiple layers aren’t allowed ??

http://localhost/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?mode=tile&tilemode=gmap&tile=X+Y+S&map=mymapfile.map&LAYERS=layer1 => ok
http://localhost/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?mode=tile&tilemode=gmap&tile=X+Y+S&map=mymapfile.map&LAYERS=layer2 => ok

http://localhost/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?mode=tile&tilemode=gmap&tile=X+Y+S&map=mymapfile.map&LAYERS=layer1,layer2 => ko !

Why ?

Thanks & Regards


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