[mapserver-users] mouseover with mapserver...?

Chris Green chris.green at ibstv.co.uk
Thu Feb 11 13:23:45 EST 2010

Hi Steve


Thanks for your comment (and also to Till Adams).


I would like to use OpenLayers but I have been discouraged by what seems
like erratic behaviour. I had it running successfully for a while and then
it started hanging on start up with an Apache error log message of:


File does not exist: C:/ms4w/apps/ka-map-1.0/htdocs/tools/kaExplorer/images,
referer: http://localhost/kamap/


All of the files in the images directory seem to be in place..after a while
(and without me changing anything, to my knowledge) it started running
again. Then the next time I tried Kamap it was hanging again.  Do you have
any suggestions about why it could be unstable in this way?







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It's kinda dependent on what client environment you're using. OpenLayers,
for example, has a hover control that you can use to do this. This site uses
that technique to provide tooltips.




Basically if you pause the mouse for n seconds you fire a hover event which
does a MapServer query. Watch the above site in firebug and you'll see 'em.
If the query fails (nothing of interest was found) the no tooltip is
displayed. In the example you mention is relevant to image map creation and
my guess that's not what your after. What client environment are you using?




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Hi all


I am using ms4w and have managed to make a number of maps work really well.
However one thing I would really like to implement is a mouseover function
which indicates and/or highlights features without requiring a click. There
is a link to a good example of this on the Mapserver website:


It is probably my lack of web/javascript design experience but  the fact is
that I have totally failed to make any kind of  mouseover work with
mapserver. Can anyone provide the source code of something that works?








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