[mapserver-users] Problem trying to compile Mapserver 5.6.0 with --with-experimental-png

Luigi Castro Cardeles luigi.cardeles at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 11:54:03 EST 2010

Hi List,

i am trying to compile Mapserver 5.6.0 on a linux box with
--with-experimental-png but the below message appears:

checking if AGG support requested... checking if RGBA palette png support
requested... configure: error: cannot find png headers in

/root/app/mapserver-5.6.0 is the folder where i untar the mapserver tarball

yes -> i don't know what is this :P

Where i put the location of png headers?

This is the command line:
./configure  --enable-point-z-m --with-freetype --with-zlib --with-png
--with-jpeg --with-xpm --with-libiconv --with-gd --with-pdf --with-agg=/usr
--with-experimental-png --with-eppl --with-proj --with-threads --with-geos
--with-ogr --with-gdal --with-tiff --with-postgis --with-ming --with-wfs
--with-wcs --with-wmsclient --with-wfsclient --with-sos --with-curl-config
--with-xml2-config --with-fribidi-config --with-cairo --with-fastcgi

If i remove --with-experimental-png, i got this:
./configure  --enable-point-z-m --with-freetype --with-zlib --with-png
--with-jpeg --with-xpm --with-libiconv --with-gd --with-pdf --with-agg=/usr
--with-eppl --with-proj --with-threads --with-geos --with-ogr --with-gdal
--with-tiff --with-postgis --with-ming --with-wfs --with-wcs
--with-wmsclient --with-wfsclient --with-sos --with-curl-config
--with-xml2-config --with-fribidi-config --with-cairo --with-fastcgi

 -------------- Compiler Info -------------
  C compiler:                gcc -O2 -fPIC -W -Wall -Wcast-align
-Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -Wpointer-arith -Wreturn-type
  C++ compiler:              g++ -O2 -fPIC -W -Wall -Wcast-align
-Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -Wpointer-arith -Wreturn-type
  Generic NINT:

 -------------- Renderer Settings ---------
  OpenGL support:
  zlib support:              -DUSE_ZLIB
  png support:
  palette rgba png support:
  jpeg support:
  iconv support:             -DUSE_ICONV
  AGG support:               -DUSE_AGG
  Cairo (SVG,PDF) support:   -DUSE_CAIRO
  Ming(flash) support:       -DUSE_MING_FLASH
  PDFLib support:            -DUSE_PDF

 -------------- Support Libraries ---------
  Proj.4 support:            -DUSE_PROJ
  Libxml2 support:           -DUSE_LIBXML2
  FriBidi support:           -DUSE_FRIBIDI -DUSE_FRIBIDI2
  Curl support:              -DUSE_CURL
  FastCGI support:           -DUSE_FASTCGI
  Threading support:         -DUSE_THREAD
  GEOS support:              -DUSE_GEOS -DGEOS_HAS_SIMPLIFY

 -------------- Data Format Drivers -------
  native tiff support:       -DUSE_TIFF
  PostGIS support:           -DUSE_POSTGIS
  EPPL7 support:             -DUSE_EPPL
  ArcSDE support:
  OGR support:               -DUSE_OGR
  GDAL support:              -DUSE_GDAL
  Oracle Spatial support:

 -------------- OGC Services --------------
  WMS Server:                -DUSE_WMS_SVR
  WMS Client:                -DUSE_WMS_LYR
  WFS Server:                -DUSE_WFS_SVR
  WFS Client:                -DUSE_WMS_LYR
  WCS Server:                -DUSE_WCS_SVR
  SOS Server:                -DUSE_SOS_SVR

 -------------- MapScript -----------------
  PHP MapScript:             yes

Any clue about this problem?

Best Regard's
Luigi Castro Cardeles
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