[mapserver-users] mapserver 5.4.2 Reprojection error

tommaso tommasodb at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 26 07:31:18 EST 2010

Hallo list,

With mapserver 5.4.2 (FGS API 9.5) , if my map is reprojected in
EPGS:31467, it is shifted about 100 m to north and 50 m to east
The same data with the same mapfile and the same URL works fine on
mapserver 5.0.2 (FGS API 1.0.0).
The data are stored in an Postgis Database with srid 4326.
The URL I'm using is:

On the linked picture you can see the same map with the same bbox
generated by the two version of mapserver. The map on the right is to
north-east shifted, the map on the left is ok.

If the map is not reprojected (EPGS:4326) there are not errors.

Did somebody observe the same issue?


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