[mapserver-users] Changing map file parameters via a form or a URL EXPRESSION

Paco Regodon mapserver at meteologica.es
Mon Jun 21 09:38:39 EDT 2010

Maybe you should use runtime variable substitutions or maybe you need to 
define validation patterns. Look at:


You can call mapserver cgi passing a filter parameter. Something like 
&myfilter=[gid]<100  and at layer's EXPRESSION use %myfilter%

Hope it helps.



On 21/06/10 12:20, stefanoferri wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I tryed to use "Changing map file parameters via a form or a URL" and i had
> success in modify for example the color of a layer in this way:
> map.layer[cities].class[0].style[0]=COLOR+0+255+0,
> but if i try to modify the EXPRESSION with this:
> map.layer[cities].class[0]=EXPRESSION+([gid]<100)
> i get this error:
> "loadClass(): General error message. URL-based EXPRESSION configuration
> failed pattern validation. msValidateParameter(): Regular expression error.
> Parameter pattern validation failed. "
> where do i wrong???
> thanks for the help
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