[mapserver-users] Joins and classification

Matthias Müller Matthias_Mueller at tu-dresden.de
Wed Jun 23 09:42:47 EDT 2010

Quick answer for question #2:

DATA "geom FROM (SELECT geom AS geom, id AS id, traffic_mb AS traffic_mb 
FROM traffic) AS new_table USING srid=4326 USING unique id"

You have to put the results from your SELECT statement (issued on the 
view) into a new table.


Am 23.06.2010 15:21, schrieb nikos at maich.gr:
> Hello all,
> I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to go about the following.
> I have a running MS application displaying some maps, w/ data in postgis.
> Via a form a user can set some data and run an econometric model, which
> ultimately spits out a  csv with objectid (polygons), an analysis value
> and whatever else I may need (session id, user etc.).
> I would then like to redisplay the map, re-classified on these new
> analysis values.
> In the past I was doing updating the shapefile dbf, adding a whole column
> at a time.
> While this was ok for a proof of concept, it would not scale well (at
> all), and I am looking to move to multiple users, sessions etc.
> I can do an sql or an ogr join on the postgres attribute table, and the csv
> on objectid with the users id, session, value etc.
> I am not sure as how to go about the rest.
> 1. Reading up on joins the docs say they are not for affecting the look of
> the map, but more
> for the results of a query...
> 2. Does MS and postgis support views in the layer definition. I believe not
> 3. Should I be looking at filters???
> Using MS 5.7-dev
> would appreciate any feedback,
> regards,
> nikos
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