[mapserver-users] One-to-many JOIN works only on integer fields?

Vito Meuli v.meuli at tecnologieavanzate.it
Tue Mar 30 10:41:27 EDT 2010

Hi list!
I have a mapfile with a one-to-many JOIN, but PostgreSQL logs a syntax error whenever I query such an object on the map:
ERROR:  syntax error at or near "_3" at character 333

STATEMENT:  SELECT "codvia_num"::text, "cognome"::text, "nome"::text, "cf"::text, "data_nascita"::text, "indirizzo"::text, "interno"::text, "nr_civ_barrato"::text, "nr_fam"::text, "piano"::text, "scala"::text, "nr_ind"::text, "capofamiglia"::text, "codvia"::text FROM anagrafe_territoriale.anagrafe_popolazione_con_codvia WHERE codvia_num = 323_3
The fields to join  the two tables are named "codvia_num" and are text fields, but it queries them as if they were integer ones, without quoting!

So I guess Mapserver understands only integer fields in the joins... Am I guessing right?

And on the same topic, there's no support for a two-fields join, isn't it?

Thank you in advance!
Vito Meuli

Mapserver 5.5.2 on Linux
PostgreSQL 8.3

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