[mapserver-users] OpenLayers, WFS, Postgis and SWEREF99 TM

Sofia Bryntse Sofia.Bryntse at et.slu.se
Mon Oct 4 11:13:12 EDT 2010

Hello all,

We have a number of points (reference system SWEREF99TM/epsg:3006) in a Postgres db with PostGIS, that we want to display as choosable vector features on a web map, with the help of MapServer. E.g., if you hover over or click on a point, you will get a popup window with link to more info read from the database. The problem is that we don't know yet how to create this functionality in the best possible way. 

We are trying to use OpenLayers, connected to a WFS generated by MapServer. I've noticed a lack of examples of this combination of software and since we are new to WFS and OpenLayers and no real experts on MapServer either, we don't know if perhaps we're on the wrong track.  We are bumping into problem after problem, and I just want to make sure that what we are trying to do is even feasible. Is this the right method to solve our basic problem, or is there a better way (for example not using OpenLayers or not using WFS, but something else)? How many points is the optimal amount to visualise with WFS/OpenLayers ? Can WFS/OpenLayers handle our reference system SWEREF99 TM (epsg:3006)? Are there problems showing PostGIS data through WFS, that we are unaware of?

Kind regards,

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