[mapserver-users] MapServer Resolution - how to set the parameter dynamically

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Tue Oct 5 03:41:07 EDT 2010

Hello list,

I tested the new Parameter


With these Paramter I can produce a nice map for print output [1].

It would be nice to set the Paramter RESOLUTION parameter directly in the
MapRequest like &RESOLUTION=288. If not set here the default from the
Mapfile could be used.
What do you think about this idea? Do you have discussed this already?

Alternatively I tried to set a variable wit MapServer variable
substitution [2] like:

RESOLUTION %resolution%

But this caused a MapServer error.

If someone has already a solution to set the resolution dynamically
(without MapScript) please let me know.

Astrid Emde

[1] http://mapserver.org/development/rfc/ms-rfc-55.html
[2] http://mapserver.org/mapfile/variable_sub.html

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