[mapserver-users] tile4ms throwing msSmallMalloc() Error

Joe Marlin jmarlin at saucontech.com
Fri Aug 5 09:54:21 EDT 2011

Hello! Quick question:

I'm running "tile4ms roadwaylevel5_meta.txt roadwaylevel5_index", where roadwaylevel5_meta.txt is simply my list of shp files:

And getting: "msSmallMalloc(): Out of memory allocating -4 bytes."

What does that mean? Why am I getting that? I've already tried:

-Compiling from SVN
-Compiling 6.0.1 from the website
-Trying on a different machine
-Trying to run the command with sudo

The documentation says "no extensions" in the input file; however, the examples in that exact same documentation page DO have the ".shp" extension. If I remove the extensions from my shape files, I get: "Aborted. Unable to open DBF:./roadwaylevel5_index". ./roadwaylevel5_index.dbf is created, and left empty when this happens. Running with sudo makes no difference. 

Thanks for your help, and sorry if I'm missing anything obvious!

Joseph Marlin

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